If it’s finally time to move out of your parent’s spare bedroom, or you are looking to up-and-move your family to be closer to the surf every day, each moving occasion is special services. We recognise this, and we can help with your entire house move, regardless of the motivation.

  • House Moves
  • Office Moves
  • Warehouse Moves
  • Gumtree / Marketplace Pick Up / Delivery
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Packing
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Courier
  • Moving Supplies

House Moves Services

No matter how big or small your living space is, we’re here to make your moving day a breeze! Whether it’s awkwardly twisting furniture through staircases all day or providing the appropriate wrapping and lifting equipment to transport heavy, delicate items – we’ve got this!

Office Moves

Our highly trained staff will efficiently relocate your office by disassembling and reassembling desks and other office furniture, providing fully-equipped trucks and safely securing everything strapped up in heavy-duty blankets.

Warehouse Moves

Quick ‘n’ Slick’s debut gig was a warehouse move, so they hold a special place in our hearts! We can disassemble and assemble shelving, other furniture, stock, and anything else required.

Gumtree / Marketplace Pick Up / Delivery

Found something cool online but it won’t fit in your car? We can help. With a large van perfect for small pick-ups, we’ll have it sorted in no time!

Rubbish Removal

Making rubbish disappear isn’t as hard as it looks – all you need to do is point to it and we’ll haul it away. If our two strong workers can lift it, and it’s non-hazardous, we’ll take just about anything!

Furniture Assembly

If you need bedframes dismantled or large units taken apart to be moved, we can do that and reassemble them at the other end. Or if you’re looking for someone to put together that pesky flat-packed IKEA furniture – we’re experienced to do so!