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Our Story

Quick ‘n’ Slick Removals is quickly becoming one of the most trusted furniture removals services in Melbourne. 

It was established by Dane and Mark, two best mates and experienced removalists, who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 outbreak. They decided to turn things around by acquiring a van, stripping the interior, laying carpet, installing hooks, and hustling for work.

As the outstanding reviews kept flowing in, the duo knew they were on to something.

Meet the Team

mark quick miller

Mark “Quick” Miller


dane slick edhouse

Dane “Slick” Edhouse


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Team Mascot

We Have The Right Box For Your Belongings

Do removalists supply boxes during your move? The best movers do. This is because a specialized movers service will be the best place to find your cardboard boxes and other moving accessories. Our packing boxes come in multiple sizes to match your needs. For your convenience, we get your removalist boxes delivered to your doorstep ahead of time alongside any other supplies you may need such as packing tape, marker pens, bubble wrap and more to sort out any items during your moving process.

Why We Offer Packing Boxes And Other Moving Supplies

With all the trouble collecting second-hand boxes and packing everything, it will only take a small bump on your journey to damage your items and turn that time investment into a waste. It’s why we recognize the importance of providing a selection of high-quality packing materials for our customers. We help you save on time and money as you can get as many boxes delivered to your address. We have the right box or container to suit the size and specific requirements of your items. Furthermore, we can help you pack, wrap and load your items into our truck to ensure safe delivery.

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Order As Many Boxes As You Need Online

With our packing supplies, moving house is easy. We can attend to all your packing needs including devising solutions for your delicate or heavy items. When you’d like a cheaper sale of all your packing materials, we offer the best rates in Melbourne for our clients. We understand how to get your stuff wrapped and packed properly, so if you’re unsure about how to best secure your belongings for the journey, contact us and we can help you plan thoroughly and advise you on what packing supplies you need. Order online today and get a quote for your job.